Friday, January 27, 2012

Notes From MacWorld/iWorld 2012

I had a good first impression walking into MacWorld 2012. Unlike the last couple years, it seemed MUCH less like iPhone Case World. Of course, there were still plenty of accessories on the fringes of the show, and I did see this combo iPhone case / bottle opener. Because it really makes sense to spend $20 to turn your $300 smartphone into a $0.39 church key!

I was also pleased to see that the show had a business component: MacIT. But even though vendors throughout the show commented on how Mac use in companies continues to grow, this area was banished to the third floor and seemed relatively sparse and poorly attended.

Imagine what would happen if Apple actually made an effort to meet the needs of business customers and IT departments? Instead of continuing to struggle to force their way into the business world, Macs might be as common in businesses as they have become among consumers!

But most of the show's energy seemed focused on media creation, like this performance by moe.

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